Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

For any homeowners looking to increase their living space, here is an interesting solution. If your home has a basement, then it can do wonders for you. However, it will need planning and preparation. With children growing older, storage space is running low. Interestingly, the basement comprises approximately one-third of the total available space of your home.

Most of the a basements space remains unused. Typically used as laundry rooms, home offices, or just a great looking man-cave, space can be limited sometimes. With Greenco, you can convert your unused basement space into a more productive, useful and appealing place in your home. Basements provide unlimited options for homeowners, and are one of the renovations that increase a homes overall value.

Planning for a basement renovation is simply beneficial:

  • Renovating a basement or kitchen always increases a homes value.

  • This is the best time to sort out your basement issues such as water proofing and moisture damage. Moreover, you can also avoid some major future problems by opting for resist mold, mildew, fire and sagging.

Our team of specialists will work closely with you, analyze the space, requisites, budget and draft a well developed plan before executing the transformation process. Most of the mechanical systems, plumbing pipes and electrical wiring of homes are in the basement. Thus, it requires a detailed examination for fully a functional makeover and we will change it into one of the most visually delightful places of your home.

Basements face some common problems like moisture. The major cause behind this is poor ventilation. Other common problems are concrete flooring, block walls are porous which leads to the creation of an ideal environment for mold to grow. At Greenco, we use products which are resistant to biological pollutants.

Changing basement size or its structural features such as support beams, low ceilings, position of the stairs is not possible. Thus, we design things with all these features in mind.

Why Greenco

Our team of experts will discuss all your needs and demands and ensure they are all being addressed. To fulfill your expectations, we will apply all of our resources, knowledge and experience. Our certified and skilled professional will pay a visit to inspect the basement. He will perform a thorough inspection of electricity and plumbing. After having a mutual consent on design of the basement, we will commence the basement renovation work.