Commercial Construction

Commercial Renovation

Welcome to Greenco! We are renowned for transforming an old worn out space into a sparkling new place. Most of the people have just a rough idea about what they need to do with their space. To make things easier and useful for our esteemed clients, our experts offer their consultation. We assure to offer the best renovation services on budget. At Greenco, there is no compromise with quality and standards and we believe in professionalism and workmanship.

Our professionals are skilled, well-trained and have considerable experience in the relevant field. We assist you in analyzing all the available options along with the evaluation of the potential of the respective building of an office or any commercial space.

Why Greenco

Greenco Renovation strives to make its clients fully satisfied with its outstanding quality of work. We have immense specialization in the renovation of commercial spaces. To make things simpler for our clients, we will design, plan and build around your space. An estimate cost of your project will be delivered to you before commencing the work. A transparent pricing model will be also enclosed, which will enable you to make decision according to your budget. We are committed to excellence and have an experienced leadership team. Security and safety are prime concern, as we want our customers to be happy and satisfied.

We have an extensive in-house design team which comprises interior designer, space planner, structural repairs etc.

Some of our recent projects:

  • Repairing of a multistorey building

  • To reclaim unused apace

  • Update reception areas

  • To create a more useful work group with wall movement.

Greenco Renovations offer complete renovation solution for repairing, new configuration, space transformation or any other need.

For better decision making, we offer feasibility studies, conceptual design and building assessment.

Feasibility Study- This assists the clients in analyzing how to use their available space productively. We also offer interior designs, exterior designs, site plan, potential land usage and project budgets. These feasibility studies are an economical way to understand the project with predictability for budget and codes.

Conceptual design – During this process, we completely understand the requirements of customer with respect to their business. To fulfill their needs, we create a custom design with the help of our architects and interior designers which leads to the proposal of aesthetic changes to interior as well as exterior of the building.

Assessment – An assessment of the building will be done by certified examiners to check existence of mold, mildew and lead paint. We also provide effective remedies for the elimination of environment threatening materials.

For any query related to commercial renovation, you can contact us!